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Montessori Portable Busy Board

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A Montessori toy encourages a child to build structure, pierce different blocks, and challenge their imagination. 

This busy boards is actually pretty genius. It gives children a way to tinker, learn, and explore the things around them safely.  This Montessori Busy Board is strongly focused on tools that your kids will find around them.

Your toddlers will LOVE to play with:

✅ Zippers  Kids love the sound and feel of zippers. They can spend hours on zippers alone – opening them and closing them over and over again.

✅ Shoelaces  This is a great way for kids practice tying shoes. 

✅ Buckles  Each has a different clasp style that you can find in every day items. 

✅ Snap pocket  Open and close it just how you would find it on books, clothings, and other accessories. 

✅ Belt straps, velcro, buttons and more!


A fun and effective way to teach young children critical skills.

This toy helps create the link between learning and playing, allowing kids to learn essential skills like getting dressed and in turn helping them build self-confidence. 


Why Montessori Busy Board are best for toddlers?

✅ Helps toddlers to relieve discomfortagitationanxiety, and restlessness.
✅ Toddlers understand and complete complex tasks as he grows older.
✅ Enhances and strengthen kids memory.
✅ Reach their developmental milestones sooner.
✅ Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordination.


Montessori Busy Board encourages sensory play.

Sensory play goes hand in hand with brain development. It promotes early childhood development like cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, and problem-solving skills.

Product Features:

  • Appropriate for 1-4 year-olds
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to use & perfect size for little hands